“To develop future engineers, entrepreneurs, and leaders who realize their potential and maximize the potential of others.”


Vision: “Empower our future, one teen at a time.”


Principles of Organization

Positive Energy –We will always nurture a positive, enthusiastic atmosphere, which will foster mutual trust and respect among all stakeholders. Futher, we will always operate with open agendas, positive interactions, and genuine motives.

Honesty and Truthfulness – We will always be honest and truthful in all relationships, respecting and relying on each others.

Integrity of the individual- passion for performance and a bias for action, creating real value for all stakeholders and leading the pace.

Innovation – seeking break through opportunity, taking risks, and initiating meaningful change

Focus on people – showing concern and respect for all with whom we work, building collaborative relationships with the community, our customers, and business associates.

Golden Rule – We will always do unto others as we would have them do unto us